Monday, May 23, 2011

Forest Fashion

back view...

front view (ignore bulldog clip) fat satin ribbon tie at neck will be added.

Fulling...heavy, cumbersome. Must be careful.

stitching the 2 large semi circles together (and the hood) while at the soft felt stage before adding a little more fibre, hand felting a bit before fulling.

This will be part of a collaboration with photographer, Tracy Olan. For those who may recall, Tracy is the one that took the "harvest" images of me with the chickens and the strange bright "potatoes". Tracy has an idea cooking and whenever she envisioned this particular component, all she could see was red felt, so then I came in, and here it is. Just a part of the puzzle from which she can play. In exchange, Tracy will allow me to have some shots to use.

The design of a cape seems very simple, but there were some interesting challenges. I hate to sew and make patterns, so deciding which way to turn the pieces and making the hood was one.

I did a small sample to test colour layering, but other than that, I just went for it. I could have felted both sides together with a resist, but was concerned about rolling it and the resist shifting ( I like a thick resist). I do a lot of hand rubbing, but knew right away that was crazy talk for this.

I opted to make 2 large semi circles (about 7 x 4 feet each) and stitch, then felt, them together once at the soft felt stage...also adding the hood in the same manner.One issue evident after layout of the second side was I was certain I had laid out a little heavier for the second side. This is a risk if you are not doing both sides together. Ideally, and I often do this, you weigh out the wool for each side so you can be consistent. Of course, having no clue how much wool the cape would take (and having little interest in measuring and weighing a proper sample) I just went for it. The difference in amount of fibre, of course effects the shrinkage rates, so one side fulled down smaller than the other. Certainly not an "error" and actually beneficial in the overall asymmetric look of the piece. Subtleties, that had I not mentioned it, would likely go unnoticed!

It is now drying on the dress form (that I just bought for $40- thanks, Hilary!) and I will post images once Tracy does her magic. I hope they pick a cool day too shoot!

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Unknown said...

That is amazing! Love, love, love it.

Rayna said...


Anonymous said...

Ooooh my, this one is absolutely adorable!!! :D

luciebeebee said...

what a great idea and so well executed: don't wear it on your walks through the forest; there might be a big hungry woolf lurking in the bushes:)

Tracy said...

I LOVE it!

oh I so won't sleep tonight,
lovely lovely Andrea ;)

FeltersJourney said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks all!

time to relax

time to relax
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