Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Progress

Images are out of order, but...above shows various layers of merino and karakul
first layer (merino)

All the layers will be topped with the pre-felted addition (which I made- not commercial prefelt- that is shown on my blog before the cape) This piece prior to folding, using a resist technique I call my 'channel' technique, was 16 feet long, if you can believe. It is now 4.5 feet. The rest will remain secret. I will photograph it when it is done and will post final images when it hangs in New Mexico in October. Then I will share...the same goes for the set of 3 sculptures I will be making. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Wetting this out will have to wait until I can work for a long stretch. Once wet out, I will hand rub this until it is all stable and don't want to stop before then. I am in Toronto tomorrow for the Ontario Crafts Council AGM, Thursday I am taking my mother's pooch to the groomers (which, with a short work day already, felting will not fit in) and Friday I have planning for an out of town soccer tournament and putting another child on the train for an academic competition. So much to cram in at the end of a school year. Well, the layout is all ready and waiting!

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vilterietje said...

this looks like an awfull lot of work:) good luck!

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time to relax
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