Friday, December 30, 2011

The line-up...

Silk and wool wrap (for the rock star) $275

Detail of "the other" wrap

Rock star wrap detail!

Oh, a tangerine beret...$100

"The other" wrap $300 (quite long)

It's a hat...with silk detail $150

Purple and Pink silk beret $100

Simple wool bag. Pocket inside. leather handles and magnet closure $165.00

Roomy bag. Leather handles and magnetic closure. $180.00

Big roomy bag. Zipper closure. Fish skin detail (from Iceland- tanned and dyed just like leather). leather handles. $180.00

Fish skin detail!
Magenta and red (love this combo!) Silk detail. Leather magnet closure and handles. $200.00
Simple flat bag. Zipper closure. Silk detail and leather handles. $140.00
Turquoise and chocolate. Silk detail and wee spikes. Leather handles. Flap closure and can add snap or zipper, if desired. $225.00

Big flap bag. Double grommets on sides with adjustable leather strap and stainless hardware. Zipper closure. $250.00
detail (sorry...not a great shot!)

Not sure what to call this one! Double grommets on each side, magnet closure (polymer clay button is decoration). Adjustable leather straps. $225.00

Blue/black grid. Silk detail. Adjustable leather straps. This bag is fairly small with a small opening due to shape. $180.00

and this little cutie is mine!!

I received most of my special order leather handles (many, many handles!) so I have been able to finish some bags I have had waiting to be sent hither and yonder (where I pulled that expression from, I do not know). I even got the hang of the hand-applied grommet technique with excellent results. Once these are sold/sent/delivered, I do have some more bags in my head swimming around, but I must switch gears on a few other matters.

First, I have been a neglectful committee member and have some volunteer work for the Ontario Crafts Council to attend to. Second, I have Art to make: sculptures, a 2d piece for a show and giving myself some time/space to not be required to create anything specific.

I also have several web students getting ready to book dates with me, so the schedule will fill so quickly. I have quite a few requests to travel and am being very selective, so making some decisions there also so keep an eye on my website if you are interested in workshops. Until then, peruse the bags and let me know if anything strikes your fancy. I will update you soon on the rest!

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Lindy and Paul said...

They're all awesome, my favorite is the turquoise and chocolate. Your grommets and handles all look great :)

WoolWorks said...

Loving your wearables!

Anonymous said...

just gorgeous, Andrea! love the bags with leather handles, and those pokey spiky tams. Great.

Genevieve said...

All great - but especially like the Big Flap Bag!

Gifelt said...

Che belle! Una piĆ¹ bella dell'altra!

FeltersJourney said...

All beautiful! Love your work x

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time to relax
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