Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick and Easy?

A new bag. I have sewn on the handles a few times trying to get them perfect! This, I have found cannot be done at 10 p.m.

semi-final in ipod case design! You would think this would be ridiculously simple (I sure thought so) but there have been several trials and errors! I think the "final" will have a short velcro strip, but until it is sewn up and ipod in place, you never really know how functional it will be.
A cute sewn pouch for a gifty.

New bag detail. LOVE the colours. C-1 in Turquoise-green and brown c-1/pelsull. *sigh*!
Works as both a glass case and ipod case. This I am going to use myself to see how the closure stands up over time.
The pathetic evolution for the case I thought would be no-brainer. Found that you need to bring the under fold all the way to the top of the ipod and the flap all the way to the bottom or it flares up funny (second image from top). This was not evident until the device was inside. I like this look of the third from the top, but the boys did not like the way it, we have the semi-finalist last with an easy snap. Finally decided velcro is going to be better to a.) avoid pressing on the device b.) making it even quicker to open/close and access. Also considering little pocket inside for debit card.
While my initial ipod case "recipe" was a fail, the pumpkin cheese cake was a delicious success. This being said...I now recall my mom agonizing over the creation of this recipe while she was a caterer making cakes for a few fine restaurants. Things worth while are never quick and easy. Time for coffee (and perhaps some cake) and off to the studio. I'll keep you posted!


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Hooked On Felt said...

You make it all look so easy, so beautiful! My hats off to you Andrea!

Unknown said...

The more beautiful evolution, I've ever seen!^)))

farmlady said...

I find closures are the hardest thing about any item that I make. This dilemma stops me every time.
Glad to know that even someone as talented and expert as you still has a problem like this.
Beautiful purse and Oh, that pumpkin cheese cake... it looks so good.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

The devil's in the details!

Terriea Kwong said...

Awesome purses and cases. They look like lavender fields in Provence. Love all. The pumpkin cake makes me drooling.

Karen said...

Your bags and purses are beautiful!!!! that pumpkin pie looks delicious too... All the best for the new year, be seeing you soon!!! karen

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time to relax
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