Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Spend or not to Spend?

Not really the question, once I think about it. I am, after all, going to be spending either way, I just have to make some decisions. I have invested a significant amount in some very nice leather bag handles that will go on my bags with grommets...and thus, the grommet situation begins.

I have all the hand tools and have found that they are not terribly efficient or consistent. I can buy higher quality cutters, mat and proper mallet...or (the crux of the matter) spend double the money and get a machine that will do this with less muscle (which I am lacking) and much cleaner. The quandry is I don't want to spend the lesser amount only to discover that the extra $200 was the route to go. Compared to what I have spent, the $400 total is a drop in the bucket...the bucket, however, seems to have a hole in it! Money in, money out....at some point it will all make sense. I'll keep you posted.

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Karen said...

Think of all the massage therapy, physio and osteopathy sessions that you won't need in the years to come as a result of saving your muscles....:0)

cedar said...

Sound like a group Xmas present could work..if you do Xmas..very useful, something you want, the perfect family gift. lol

Katie said...

I love grommets on bags...eek, didn't know they were so pricey. I say go for it---I'm sure you'll use it!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Good points, all. I love the help I am receiving to justify the purchase!

cedar said...

We are all enablers when it comes to these types of purchases...lol

Pam L. said...

When I'm struggling with the decision to make a significant purchase, especially when I have something that will do the job (albeit, not the best job, but a "make do" job), I make a bargain with myself. I allocated the proceeds from one project, or a portion of several projects, specifically towards that purchase. When it's one project, I make it just for that purpose, above and beyond those things I need to sell to make ends meet. Then I let myself be provided for whenever that project/projects sell through. When it all works out, I've still used my "make do" tools and am so appreciative and convinced of the best solution when it finally works out. :-) No post-purchase ponderings whatsoever.

Good luck! I've used both and can see the merits of having the machine if you will use it often.

You might also contact some of the custom drapery shops in your area and see if they would install the grommets for you (or let you) for a small fee, until you can afford the machine. Perhaps a barter of sorts might work.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Excellent ideas, Pam. Thanks for your comments.

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