Saturday, March 17, 2012

ETSY news...

I had a lovely student on Friday to make PODS (Hi Kitty!) and we had a discussion about ETSY. I have been an ETSY member since 2007 and shop there often (too often!) for wonderful handmade work (I am a sucker for fabulous jewelry!!)

I think I had really thought it was perhaps not my market, but after Kitty kindly purchased a piece from me, I realized I needed to give it a try. I often have a few pieces here that I wait for a bit of an accumulation before I decide what work to send to what gallery. I may as well list a few things prior to transit and unlist them as they become unavailable or produce new work if they sell. Makes sense, no? Well, of course it does :o). In any case, I have listed the pods (minus the blue one- which is my favourite!- as it will have a new home with Kitty)

The individual images aren't great, so I will edit as I re-shoot tomorrow. I have a new bag laid out on the table. It will be a "tote" design with lots of silk and texture in a rich brown with a zipper closure. I will take pictures as I work tomorrow and keep you posted. In the meantime, peruse ETSY! If you are looking for moi, I am here

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