Friday, March 9, 2012

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I am itching to get in the studio today, but wanted to check in with you all first. Yesterday I did not get into the studio until 11. I had wool and design all laid out for a bag before I taught last weekend and it has been waiting to be wet out and felted. I managed to get this done yesterday quite quickly- 3 hours. Having the layout all ready meant no meandering and pauses for contemplation, just the "work".

I am sorry I don't have process images of this one as it was done late one night while I was watching cheesy t.v. (sad, but true). I will add a zipper to this one as it does not have a full flap and it is not super deep. I toyed with a few straps and was not in the mood to sew, so grommets won. Now that I have them figured out, grommets no longer frighten me.

(sorry for the flashy, link- text- thing going on here...can't figure out what I have done. Ignore)

I also want to remind you all of my Web teaching. You don't need groceries next week, your legs can wait to be waxed (It's only March, after all). Your kids are good enough at piano (they hate it anyway). So, why not? Yes, I jest...but I have decided to make this on-going as it is so successful and a way better experience than I anticipated. If you are interested in information, let me know by email and I will send the details to you. You do not need to be tech savvy, just own a webcam (or your lap top webcam).

Well, I am going to add the images and get into the studio. Can't wait (either can Pattycake. She has been staring at me waiting in wait, I think she is mocking me)

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