Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workshop News!

Hi! A local friend and fellow fibre artist, Susan Farber, has booked me to teach a one day pods class (May 6th) and a one day vessels class (May 5th) here in my area in Ontario, Canada. Details below!!

MAY 6Th at the Odessa Fairground Hall
registration, cost and questions, email Susan at:

PODS: Participants will create solid felted form sculpture or a series of sculptures with various dimensional surface design elements using a combination of needle and wet felting techniques. We will discuss, plan, construct, and felt. Students should come prepared with sketch book, several images of inspiring 3 dimensional form, and a sense of adventure! Beginner friendly, but more than enough the challenge the experienced feltmaker.

May 5th at the Odessa Fairground Hall
registration, cost and questions, email Susan at:

Vessels: Participants will create a hollow three dimensional form in handmade felt using a “resist” technique. Beginner friendly, but enough to challenge others who can add multiple resists or 3d elements

Space will be limited, so register ASAP. I am sure Susan will appreciate it! Hope to see you there!


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Barbara said...

So wish I could take a class from you!!! I have made an executive decision for you make an online class and charge for it !!!!! :))))) I will be first in line!!!

Dolphina said...

I LOVED the vessels workshop! I'd do it again but I'll be in Campbellford with Maureen Harding making a felted tunic :o) I wouldn't mind doing the bag workshop again too... You're such a great teacher Andrea!

Nadia said...

I am coming to your workshop on the 5th of May! So happy! I look forward to meet you!

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