Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Late Start...

Yes, Coffee makes my hair blow sideways while I fall asleep
It is a lazy, hazy summer Sunday, for sure. I began my day with some coffee and putting some finishing touches on a new pod. I napped (with a tiny bit of guilt). I am now drinking a bit more coffee and will be heading to the studio to tidy up and, if the mood strikes, begin some scarves or maybe something else! I have finished 3 pods since the tribe, but they are "individuals". They will likely all get mates and end up in new little collections.

...a bit of news: I have been named/designated/voted by followers of Fiber Art Now Magazine as an influential person in contemporary fibre art! I may have shared this with you already, but here is the link to the interview. If you follow my blog, my responses may be predictable, but I hope you will give it a read and ask me any questions you have. There are also some other interviews that I really enjoyed. Enjoy, friends

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flying fish said...

Wearing a hat while I drink coffee and read my favorite felt keeps my hair from doing that crazy sideways thing!

Congratulations on having the ghost trees exhibited, I wish I could travel to see them! Even better would be to take a class from you, thanks for the inspiration your blog provides.

Unknown said...

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