Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This week...

GHOST TREES (and some funny students :o))
 I had, in a bit of a fury, completed some calls for entry, grant/awards, gallery submission in the last couple of weeks. I did not pay too much attention to when work is/will be needed or when I might hear about acceptance/rejection. I just needed to get images converted and get them out the door before the submission deadlines. I am a "on a need to know basis" kind of person. I don't like to clutter my mind with things ahead of time or else I "worry" (Yes, I am a "worrier" too... who comes from a long line of worriers) So, when I received an email yesterday that I was shortlisted by a juror and I needed to deliver "Ghost Trees" this week (like *gulp* today) I was like "Oh, Sh**. Where are they? Can I get them in time?"

When they came back to Canada from Detroit 6 months ago (already? six months?), the Curator stored them in the Toronto area until we made a plan to cross paths. Thankfully Toronto is a manageable drive and I can collect them tomorrow and deliver them in time, thanks to an understanding gallery director. Whew. Now...fingers crossed the juror approves!

In the meantime, I have been making some sculptures and playing with some new shapes after a productive hour with my sketch book. It is nice when inspiration hits and then I have a "list" of things to make. All the vintage saris I have bought from ebay, etsy and elsewhere are trickling in by mail. Some are fabulous, others are a bit "Meh", but in combination with others, have potential. It is amazing how a so-so fabric can become fabulous once nuno-ed. I will be all set for scarf making when the mood strikes. Now, back to the studio to work on my visual list. I will keep you posted :o)

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farmlady said...

Isn't this true about "so,so" fabrics being transformed by Nuno felting them. It's magic!
I love the ghost trees. Glad you were able to locate them and get them where they need to be.
Your artistic abilities with wool amazing me.
Please keep blogging about it...

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time to relax
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