Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wax. web. wool.

The show line up (smudge on lens!)

Some of the trees

mmmm, encaustic! Painting with WAX!

the morning commute!

Hat ready to full/shape by webcam

Saturday was the opening of  the show "Through Thick and Thistle" which was great... best part was drinks with some of the artists after! Sunday was a day of decadence as I was able to encaustic paint (for the first time) with a fellow local artist, another lovely friend and some new friends! Monday was my middle son's grade 8 graduation. Awards were received. Boat cruise was attended. Fun was had.

The last 2 days I had a repeat web student and we covered the whole gambit! Nuno sample, felted hat and a quickie flower.

The summer is ahead a full of possibilities! I will absolutely be making lots of scarves as I am well stocked with such an amazing variety of silk and I can't help but be inspired by it all. I also am looking at other possibilities and opportunities for Art (with a capital "A"). Ready to shake things up, take on some creative challenges that push me to think deep. I say this with trepidation. Change is always uncomfortable and uncertain, yet I recognize it's necessity in growth. You know I will keep you posted!

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farmlady said...

Push yourself, Andrea. Amazing things will happen because you are an amazing artist.
Keep posting...

Becky Utecht said...

Love that hat! Encaustic painting, what fun!

time to relax

time to relax
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