Saturday, October 6, 2012

Turkey Day in Canada

Turkey Day

Momentary distraction
Tree killer
What did I do this week? Well, it began with thinking about work for my show in 2014 at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (a "joint" show with one other artist), which then led me to think about exhibition grants, which took me to the Ontario Arts Council website seeking deadline dates.

This led me to look at creation and development grants, which led me to 3 days of printing (and reprinting) my application...agonizing and re-thinking. Made some calls. Feelings of inadequacy and trepidation, committing to projects that hinge on money I am not sure if I will receive...and finally, an almost complete application (waiting for hubby to put images on the CD). It is amazing how something I had not given much thought a couple of days ago is now of paramount importance.

I had a mid-night sketch book frenzy the other night with thoughts and ideas spilling materials, new forms, new installation ideas...I am on that creative climb that causes a continued feeling of anticipation and a ball in my stomach until I can assemble everything and begin to execute the is also possible (okay, definitely) I have been consuming too much coffee.

last night hubby and middle one brought home a sweet little stray kitten that was so starved for attention she was practically mauling us. She spend a cozy night here and was taken to a local shelter today where she will, hopefully, find a family that will give her lots of love. Would have loved to keep her, but Pattycake is the "big boss" and enough of an distraction and responsibility along with my beastly dog (who is aging and slowly getting less beastly).

This is Thanksgiving weekend for us Canucks and we are lucky to be guests rather than hosts, for a change. I hope you enjoy this weekend...give thanks. Gobble, Gobble.

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Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I, for one, am glad to hear about your latest adventures into unknown territory. Remember that sketch frenzies and brainstorms (and coffee ODs) are what feed us, and are the envy of non-creatives. Can't wait to see what grows out of your mind next!


Andrea Graham-Artist said...

We ARE so lucky!

time to relax

time to relax
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