Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Open a can....

Is it age? Am I getting grumpy or just tired of seeing people behaving badly towards others?

Yesterday a woman backed out of a parking spot like a honey badger...didn't give a sh**. She completely ignored the honking little smart car (more of a beep, I suppose), first polite-like, "beep :o), hellooo, I am here!" Then with increasing urgency, length and frequency, "BEEP, Beeeep, You-a gonna hit ma' CAR, laydeeee!", drawing attention from all in the lot.

She was about to drive off when I stepped into her path, well, with my cart leading. I am not totally crazy. I "asked" if she was completely unaware, or just rude. She waved her hands around, I think more upset that I was delaying her than anything. What is wrong with people?!

The very best part: Two little old ladies hooted, "Good for you!" as a walked past. I would like to say this was followed by fist/chest bumps and high-fives (wouldn't that have been cool?!).  I went on to pick peppers feeling like a super hero.

This story has very little to do with the remainder of my day, other than giving some thought to giving myself permission to be true to my feelings in the moment and not always question myself; More action, less I-shoulda, less concern about how I will be perceived. Hopefully achieved without getting shot. I guess that could be art related, no?

On that note...

I am working on some new work that is actually getting more complicated rather that simplified. experimentation and samples seem to take forever and I don't seem to enjoy the process as much as I an excited to see the end I am also probably working too large so that "if" I am happy with the result it can be shown. This also means more time consuming, and the use of more of my new, more costly materials. Such a wonderful quandary. Okay, enough eating comfort food, websurfing and cat cuddling. Time to get in the studio. Those samples won't felt themselves. I'll keep you posted...

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dogbaker said...

Yes the world is a ruder place I feel
I find I increasingly try to avoid know temper situations. I try to avoid them like bad children throwing a tantrum.
can't wait to see what you are developing.

time to relax

time to relax
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