Friday, October 12, 2012


step one


sometime day 2

after a day break, back at it...

Patty doing a pod imitation- see below :o)

hanging to dry...more to come!

Well, Patty is certainly happy I am back in the studio. She likes when I give her a fresh bowl of water to paddle around in (don't know why she does this, but highly entertaining) and then she settles in on the table just out of reach and remains there until she is in the splash zone.

This new piece has already taken me several days, with lots of downtime in between. I am sketching like a fiend on a serious creative spurt. I really love sketching...something I have done my whole life. We all have a doodle (those things you draw while you are on the phone, or at the top of your grocery list)...think about does your "doodle" come out in your work? My doodle has always been flowers and circles. I am all about the circle, for whatever reason.
As if just the sketching, planning, layout and felting were not new work is going to have a whole other dimension...a multi-media approach. Many levels... This is stage one. I hope you will forgive me that there will be some steps I will not share in detail as this is new work...special work I am developing for me to show and I think will be very unique from any other work I have seen. I, of course, will share my journey, as I have done and once I teach these things, I will be an open book as I am on most feltmaking matters! Everyone seems interested in making felt faster. I find greater value in making it good. I would rather take twice (or 3x) as long and feel good about what I have made than "It's good enough", because you know when you tell that to yourself, it probably isn't. Yes, I have told myself that and I don't love every piece I make, but the ones that go out the door have to meet some sort of standard that I have established for myself, not something that has been imposed upon me. No time in the studio is ever wasted...even just sitting in my space with the t.v. on connects in a (very) small way and is a lead up for things to come.

Well, I have rambled. Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted.

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india flint said...

poor Patty,
exhausted from her labours. my Martha agrees that supervising is very hard work!

time to relax

time to relax
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