Friday, November 2, 2012

What's goin' on...

Smoky Robinson

Are you singing it?

Last weekend, I toodled off to Massachusetts to surprise a dear friend for her birthday and had to beat it home fast before we faced the possibility of being stranded traveling through NY state. What a mess, those poor people :o(

I took a few days to get me ducks in a row and finish up some pieces, that I am still not sure if they are finished. The last two days, I have felt like playing a bit and with a Winter fair coming up, decided to make a few hats. I am not one to show at fairs etc, as it is just not what I "do", but the only exception is our local Waldorf School where I have been a member of the community for 17 years. I ball up wool to sell and get to chit chat and see the magical space they create. A fun day and cash in my pocket as they gobble up to colourful balls of fluff. I make 1/2 oz. balls and pile them high like a giant wool rainbow. It is pretty irresistible, must say. I think a few hats on a stand will be a nice addition and I know I will hear "oh, are making hats now?" , and I will be internally annoyed. acknowledging this will not make me any less annoyed.

I am working on a lovely green hat now and when done, I will post a picture of them all!

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time to relax
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