Friday, November 23, 2012

What's up

A new little hip bag I made yesterday...
The back of "new little hip bag"

The kids are home today for a PA day, so it feels like a Saturday. I ran around and tidied and vacuumed in the attempt to bring some sort of order to the house. It is mid afternoon and we are all still in our PJ's. This evening at the local Waldorf School there is a artists/craft vendor event and I will go to sell some wool and display some hats. Certainly not something I usually do, but I love the community and selling wool to people makes them happy! I pile the table high with half ounce balls in a big rainbow and it feels like a candy store! I will then have a wee glass of wine with an artists group...not bad at all. More later...

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wolcreatief katy lambrechts said...

wonderfulllll hipe bag!

enjoy your being at the waldorf school!

love from BelgiĆ¼m


Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks :o)!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Bag gifted to my mother.

time to relax

time to relax
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