Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting the itch...

The studio has been pretty quiet. I have popped in a few times in the last few days to move things around, check the mouse trap (so far so good), to survey my creative space. I am getting the itch to get back to the wool, but have so many options that I am a bit boggled. I have scads of  ideas and each one will take time to execute. My mind has been jumping from one thing to the next so need to have some peaceful time to immerse myself in each at. a. time. I am also in "let's bake cookies!" mode and "Ahhh, wine and a book" (mid day, no less!) with the boys all home and hanging out!

I am looking forward to the next "thing" I felt and will document, step by step for you to see. Sound good? I sold a favorite bag I was keeping for myself (it went to a friend, so I was okay!), so perhaps and new bag is in order. Sounds like a plan, no?

I will be teaching a one day HAT class, followed by a one day SCARF class here in Odessa, Ontario in February (16th, 17th) If you are interested, you can contact my friend, Susan . She will give you the 411. Due to the time of year, I expect mostly locals, but if you are brave in nasty weather, you are welcome too! We will have some fun, that I guarantee. Should you be stranded, there is a couch at casa graham with your name on it.

I currently have a stack of things on my desk that also must be addressed. So much of being an artist has little to do with making art, I am afraid. Well, this wine is not getting drank by itself and my new book beckons. I am working my way up to some serious time in the studio, so watch out. I will keep you posted. 

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time to relax

time to relax
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