Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Golly

Patty- sleeping in the warm laundry
Wow. It has been a while, No? Amazing how life takes charge and habits quickly change. Your dedicated blogger and feltmaker has been a slacker. Yes, I can say it... and I did. Thinks slowed down in the studio as holiday time approached and since closing the retail business I ran with my mother (too busy with art :o), I think the slower pace beckoned and begged to be embraced to the fullest!

I have had some wonderful social time and time with my boys, which is the very best of all. Now that "boxing day" is past and the new year is looming, I am aware on the periphery that a new chapter is imminent. I still have days to loll around, sip wine mid-day and curl up with a book, but work commitments are approaching. I have my "Niche Award" finalist package to send off, a group of students in the studio next weekend and an article to write. I am a list maker, so that will happen first in the new sketch book I gifted myself. Careful not to get ahead of myself, I am also looking forward to a few hours in the studio painting with wax with the boys.

Holiday time can be a happy time, but for those with not such happy family memories or who have lost close family or friends, it can bring sadness. I hope that you all have found some joy for yourselves, some peace and moments of gratitude. I am grateful to each one of you for your support and encouragement, even if you do not comment I see your "hits" and know you are there! I work very hard to be recognized, acknowledged and respected in my craft and it brings me joy to know that you are all watching (in a non-creepy way). I will keep you posted. 

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time to relax
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