Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gift for the Studio

We have a tradition of drawing names and making handmade gifts for one another for Christmas. with 3 teenaged boys, edible items have been the recent choice...fudge, pie, cookies, peppermint bark. I, on the other hand, received a new hat rack to display my hats in the studio, courtesy of my "little one" with father-technical-assist.

 Little one recognized that my hat blocks with hats on top took up valuable real estate on a shelf and an alternative was in order. I love it and, after lowering a favorite painting (by local artist, Mark Graham- no relation), the rack fit perfectly and with the hats, looks wonderful with the painting!

The painting was commissioned in the memory of my best friend, also named Andrea, who died by her own  hand 11 years ago along with her beautiful son, Karim. We had planned a career in law together and I found solace in feltmaking when she died. My life changed forever in every way. She would be very happy with my chosen path. For the homage to our profound friendship to hang in my studio space is most fitting.

This post had not been intended to be sad or reflective, but I think is a testament to the fact that life does go on, even if in a very different way, in the face of tragedy. Life is full of bittersweet moments and my little studio wall is a fine example of past and present. What lies ahead? Well, I will keep you posted.

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FeltersJourney said...

What a lovely and considerate gift from your son!
The painting is beautiful and such a lovely way to remember your friendship

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time to relax
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