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A tiny car packed full of wool and basil and we were on our way meet Ricarda...

Andrea Noeske-Porada and Ricarda Aßmann were my generous hosts in the charming and curious town of Königwinter. I know I keep saying how amazing all these places are and I am not one to dish out gratuitous compliments or gush about much...That said, I did fall in love with this little town and am putting things in the works to return for a spell. It is a town along the Rhine that buzzes at times with tourists and seems to be a town on the cusp of some exciting renewal. Only there a short time, I feel the need to find out more about the towns history and people.

Once through the tangled greenery and up the mossy back steps, we enter our accomodation for the next few days. It is a space owned by the city used for visiting artists.

A comfortable place to return to at the end of the day!

 Downstairs is a small studio space and a huge window to showcase the work of visiting artists.

I loved the view from the window down to the pedestrian street. I am a big people watcher!

 This is the out side of the space where I taught my workshops. It is another space subsidized by the city to provide studio space for artists. It is a really great space with a kitchen and studios. Our had big windows, and gorgeous paneled walls. A dream space to teach in with lots of room and light.

 The first morning sun was warm on the cool mornings and throwing open the windows to the street below and feeling the breeze was a great way to begin the day.

 My students came well prepared with materials and lots of enthusiasm. There was lots of laughter and conversation and a skilled group of makers which makes teaching a real joy for me. Everyone managed to understand me with a bit of translation assistance.

See this ingenious little shaping tool?! If you would like to buy some contact Andrea

My workshop sample was wild and colourful with an array of techniques and some tall legs. 

 I love the light in this stairway...

 ...and Ricarda's  collection of vintage cases.

 ...a nice place for the group shot.

 Andrea and Ricarda and I took the tram ride up (and up) the hill to see the view.

 Past the haunted castle (next time I am in Königswinter, I am going in!) and up some more.
 The Rhine...there is a convent on the island and a story of lost love!

 A perfect example of so much of the old meets new in Germany.

 My 2 lovely, talented and warm hosts...

 One evening we went to Cologne to see some sights, walk across the bridge and experience some beer at...that place people go have beer in tiny glasses that they fill up many of :o)

 The dome was really too much for words...

One of the most exciting things about being in Königswinter when I was, was that Andrea and Ricarda officially begin working together in a beautiful new studio/work space with their new fibre art company!!
I took pictures inside as well, but you will have to travel to see them and the line up of artists from many disciplines that will benefit the fiber artists privileged to attend. This will provide unique opportunities and challenges to creative students. For information on potential enrollment, contact Ricarda

  I headed back to Wiesbaden for a night and had an evening with some charming, smart young people,  great food (Spargle!!) It was a perfect send off and concluded over 2 weeks away leaving me with plans for my return. Perfect.

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Connie said...

I see you are really impressed from the beautiful country :-) - so I am sure, someday you probably visit Austria you would will feel the same way! ...
I'm happy that you like this little shaping tool because I delivered the idea to the maker :-).
hope to see you again some day and thanks so much for the wonderful time at Dorie's studio and fabulous teaching! Big hugs, Connie

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