Friday, June 6, 2014


 My transit from Amsterdam to Germany had a bumpy start..strange language, asking lots of questions of an annoyed attendant as to be certain I was boarding the correct train. Someone in my seat and nowhere to stow my massive suitcase. Finally I got situated and spoke with a nice young man from Spain...a computer programmer. He did not need to tell me. I could tell by his hands.
He said he was from a part of Spain that is like Italy, "...but the food is better". I know a few Italians that would contest that passionately!

 Empty stations leaving me wondering if I am in the right place.

 Miraculous scenery. I am stunned by the beauty of this country. I had no idea and feel a fool! Random castles. Old and new. Industrial and residential. light spilling over the hills and reflecting on the Rhine. Wow.

 My wonderful hosts, Andrea and Wolfgang treated me to a special trip to a vineyard as the sun set across the hills, hot air balloons in the distance. I opted for traditional German fare of Sauerbraten and red cabbage with my Pinot Noir (Wolfgang's selection for me :o). Lovely beyond words.


 After dinner we wandered down to the banks of the Rhine to the "wine barrel" for another glass of local wine.

 Warning: Confession time

Remember when I decided to quit drinking coffee?
I forgot too. This was too easy and too good.
(I am back to my green tea at home now!)

 Students settling in for a 2 day pods workshop. Smaller scale, working quickly all was achieved!
So grateful for those that traveled a long way to see me!

 Steaming soup, cheese (oh...cheese, I love you so) and lots of goodies to keep us fortified to continue our work.
 Had lots of this (yet, not enough!). Big white asparagus "Spargel" steamed with butter and sea salt. Need I say more? I think my blog should be titled "Food and Felt". I am shocked to return home the same weight I departed!

 ..okay more food (with cheese...see the cheese?)

 Ah, now we return to soap instead of soup. Equally delicious.

 Final finish!

 The line-up...can you identify the suspect?

 As the week progressed these beautiful blooms opened more each day growing more fragrant and beautiful. I enjoyed them over breakfast and conversation. Upon my return, prior to my journey home, they had begun to brown and the soft petals were dropping from the stems, but were just as beautiful in this state.

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