Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Netherlands.

 The trip to Schiphol begins with my usual tiny flight from Kingston. I love seeing the plane land through the front window :o)

 I arrive in Amsterdam to my charming comfortable room complete with felt and a view of the garden and lovely weather and light. Feeling so welcome at FiberFusing.

 ...a wonderful studio on the Amstel.

 A free day took me on a quick tour of Amsterdam. I saw the Anne Frank House from the outside and next time will see the inside. Seeing this was important to me.

 A quick hop off the bus to visit Shirdak. A fantastic felt shop that supports the development of contemporary fair trade felt for the market place.

 I AMsterdam.
 Food at the workshops was plentiful, delicious and food for the soul as much as for the body.

 Connie hard at work. Such a detailed maker with excellent technique.

Esther's treasures she brought for inspiration. So amazing. She speaks my language!
 samples after 2 days of surfaces and landscapes.

 Talented jewelry maker, Linda Ezerman, working on her pod. If you are unfamiliar with her work, you MUST check it out. I love her work so much and was so pleased to meet her as my "student". I am so fortunate to have talented makers in my classes that know there is always something to learn regardless of their skill.

 Ahhh, Italian wine with my lovely friend, Yulia. One more thing to miss about Italy!

 ...and working.
 My necklace sample. Such a great one day workshop.
 Happy students with Happy pods.
My beautiful (inside and out) student Aukje Bor-Stokroos is a multi-talented woman with many gifts. I just loved her pod. You can find her here (and please do!) https://www.facebook.com/aukjespage
 ...me talking (cause that's what I do!)

 Dorie and I had a day to visit Amsterdam and visited the Tinctoria...best plant dyer around. Seriously. In awe at the skill, precision and talent. Lunch, tram rides and thrift shopping made for a lovely day.
A visit to the magical space of Cristina Pacciani for conversation that could have gone on for days. Such a treat when you meet those people that feel like long lost friends and there is never enough time to catch up.

Oh, So many more images and memories of Dorie's space and her supportive "staff" that work for love and stroopwaffles (AKA: family!). Lovely adopted (by me) daughters that shared music, handmade jewelry, and selfies and a young man making art and making me smile (You know who you are ShowShawn)

Thanks is not enough! Look forward to my return. Next post...Germany, followed by Germany: the sequel.

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takinagaturn said...

It's lovely to see all these photos. I really enjoyed my worshops with you at Fiberfusing . Jane :-)

dorie said...

wow, thank you too! It was a memorable time with you. Looking forward to you return!

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time to relax
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