Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's up?

Today I am waking up in the lovely home of author and felt whisperer, Christine White. She woke much earlier than I to head out to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I keep telling myself I will make it there one year. While I just love people, I am not a huge fan of crowds and it will be shoulder to shoulder there this weekend, I am certain.

Today, I will catch up on some work, stop by New England Felting Supply and Boston. While in Boston, I will pick up the talented feltmaker, Andrea Noeske-Porada.

She makes very interesting geometric felt utilizing different weights and densities of wool to effect share and shrinkage.

We will go to the Mobilia gallery to see the show I am in (and the great company I am showing with!) and the the big fibre show at the ICA  (The institute of Contemporary Art)

I will deliver Andrea to her next destination and then head home to get to work in the studio.
I am so pleased to let you know I will have a solo exhibition in Verona, Italy. The fantastic owner of DHG in Italy has been coordinating the Italian leg of my visit and I am both grateful and excited to dd this to the European bookings that will be announced very (very) soon.

I will be in the studio in the coming months and sharing bits and pieces here as they become available. The big reveal of new work will come in the early Spring as I prepare to depart but I will keep you posted on progress and all the other things I am doing in between, because you know there is always lots going on here! I look forward to including you on this next stage...the next part of this fantastic journey.

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time to relax
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