Sunday, December 27, 2015

Back to Work!

With the holiday approaching, it was difficult for me to put a hold on work and switch had been sent home to my amazing family and it was time to pack to leave one paradise here in California for another..

 I look forward to laying out the next panel so I can work back and forth either working on the rocks, or rolling to alternate my repetitive movements. The issue has been my reluctance to move around a wet panel causing it to stretch. It was an ideal time to really get this piece dried out. Fan on!

escaping to the warmth from the Santa Cruz rain this week. We found the perfect spot.

 A week of eating romantic dinners, drinking, horsing around and I met lots of new people and fell in love with a place that we will return to again...

Art comes in many forms in Mexico...Beautiful artisanal Tequila and Mescal in beautiful bottles. This was in bustling Sayulita.

...and lots of creative problem solving where we were in Punta Mita

 My rocks this week :o)

Hand rolled cubans...
 Beautiful pattern everywhere
I am back in the studio this week and must get lots done before my next trip and lots to do in between! I will keep you posted!

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time to relax
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