Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Keep slogging along...after some travel!

With Party season upon us...I headed out to Atlanta for both business and pleasure.

 It has been weeks since I have flown and I really do love the landscape from the air...

I managed to connect with fellow artist and friend, Leisa Rich. She is not only super talented and brilliant, but a big heart and wonderful person. We had a few cocktails and arranged to see the Iris van Herpen exhibition...really stunning work. Yes, fashion, but to me wearable sculpture.

 So many extraordinary pieces!

There was a fantastic interactive component that allowed us to pet the materials :o) This is a polymer infused with iron shavings. A magnet was used to make the pattern as it set. Brilliant.

Gothic fabulous....3D printed. Then....we went on to Dallas for fabulous dinner and meeting up with friends and colleagues.
 .....and back to work again. My poor piece had been waiting for a week and I was glad my studio was cold. I rolled it up and let some of the water drain which I sponged up enough that I could lift it into a bin to drain further...

Today I will head out to add fresh water and keep rolling! I'll keep you posted.

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time to relax
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