Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exciting Project with DHG (and a bit of a flashback)

As many of you know, I have had a professional relationship with a company in Prato, Italy that produces some of the finest fibers available for purchase for textile artists... DHG...The dye house dyes fibers for all of the top European designers and I am very fortunate to have had them as previous sponsors as well as exhibition in their gallery and as their guest in both beautiful Prato and at Verona Tessile in Verona (of course :o)

They have created this wonderful video featuring me and my process and all the work that goes in pre-art!

 This is the incomparable, Gaia...she is the heart and soul of DHG. The lovely blue hair belongs to the filmmaker, Agnese. Such a talent.

At the opening in Verona with artist Sandra Redford

A doctor in Verona...we had quite the chat.

My view from my window in Prato. My total happy place!

 A brief preview...

Best Pizza on the planet in Prato


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