Sunday, October 4, 2009

My far.

Gifts from Frank's garden.
My day began early for a dreary Sunday morning. It was one of those mornings I could have stayed cuddled under my down comforter, turning on my side lamp and reading for a couple of hours before being swept away back to dreamland. But the damp morning air met me full of anticipation for what the day would bring....

I met photographer Tracy Olan and her assisitant (who's name I can't recall, but was super wonderful!) at the farm of Janet and Rick. They photographed me collecting my strange dismorphic felted "eggs" in the chicken coop. The chickens were very cooperative with their confused expressions as the looked at the eggs... and me... and tipped their heads. There were moments of flapping wings in my hair and poop on my hands and gently encouraging clucking and pecking hens into places they did not know they wanted to go. We then went up the road to Frank's farm where I "planted" some of my felted pods and they captured me "harvesting" them with the backdrop of beautiful fall colours. Both of these were done in the colours for FeltUnited so will be submitted to the event. They will also become part of my exhibition that will take place at the John Parrott Gallery in Belleville in March.

The day is young, although I am thoroughly pooped. The plan is to spend the rest of the day on work to send out to some galleries, a gift for a very special friend, or just some reflection on the day and a few hours with my sketch book...or perhaps I will pick up where I left off this morning with my comforter, lamp, book...zzzzzzz....

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time to relax
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