Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Toronto today

I head off to Toronto today as I have an opening and auction event for the Ontario Crafts Council. This will center around Art made by a group of us over the summer at "Spark" collaborative lockdown back in July (which seems an eternity ago!) I am really looing forward to seeing my fellow "sparks" and continuing collaboration in the future. I will get the boys to school and take the 2.5 hour drive in and make some stops at Above Ground Art Supply (they were suppossed to send me supplies last week that have not arrived, so need to...enquire)

I will also check out Romni Wools (of course!) and stop at the OCC Guild Shop to say "Hi" to manager Rob Ridgeway and see all the fabulous fine craft and maybe support a crafts person or 2 as much as my limited bank account will allow!

Tracy has completed my images from the farm installation shoot and I already have some publication interest. I have also just mapped out the hanging space for my March exhibit.91 feet of empty wall space is a bit daunting. Ablank slate, and an experienced and very competent curator, I might add will make this an exciting time for me. Fingers crossed for my exhibition grant. I will keep you posted.

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