Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slice O' My Life: What's in the mail today?

Hmm, let's see, "What is in the mail today?" I ask myself as I pull alongside my mailbox in my van on the way to pick up my boys from school. Sometimes it is a glossy magazine that I can't wait to leaf through and permit myself to do so at the red light (if it is a felting magazine, some swerving may occur). Sometimes it is a plain white envelope that looks too much like a Visa statement to warrant my attention. Today, I took a look at what I received and recognized it is a perfect snapshot of where I am at.

I remember a time, not so long ago, when it was unusual for me to even receive mail. Maybe a birthday card from my aunt or a solicitation of donation from Greenpeace. Now I know that at least 50% of what is in that green mailbox has my name on it..even sometimes "Andrea Graham-Feltmaker" as if my craft is an extension of me, which, incidentally, it is.

Today I find:
1.) A postcard from Jean Hicks (with a little personal note) inviting me to attend the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft exhibition (Jean will be in booth #319, if you can make it)
2.) A "thank you, but no thank you" letter from the Niche Awards (oh, well..a shot in the dark considering I have no "production" work)
3.) A request to participate in a fundraiser "The Great Furniture Revival" for the Andy Fund (for children with cancer) to give life to an old piece of furniture using art.
4.) A CD if images from curator Gail Perrone of my past group show in Colorado
5.) A letter from the Embroiderers Association inviting me to teach next summer.
6.) Organic Gardening Magazine- a magazine that I aspire to actually one day read and put in practice.
7.) A catalogue from a supplier for my other business that I am not even going to open, but will pass on to the new owner (yet to be determined)

What this all says to me is that it is clear that my art life is not something I could ever deny. I wonder why I am forever seeking outside confirmation that this is so? It took a mail box full of art related correspondence today to affirm "Hey, you are an artist!". I suppose it is normal to have insecurities, especially when the nature of our business is being vulnerable and allowing our soul to be viewed by the public on a daily basis. Now, speaking of denial, I think that white envelope got left in the van. I'll bring it in tomorrow.

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Lindsey said...

I was so hoping one of them was going to be your exhibition grant approval!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

YES! That would be nice...how close are we to knowing?

Yvette said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
What a fabulous felt you make!


Unknown said...

I truely hope someday to feel that I am an artist as well, by something so simple as collecting my mail. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that must be for you. More pics of your work please. ;-)

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