Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Weekend to come...

I, of course, have my BIG opening in Belleville on Saturday. I hope to see some of you there and chat over some punch, cheese and crackers and lots of felted work!

On Sunday, I am double fibre group, The Kingston Fibre Artists, has it's group show at the Wilson Room in Kingston. I have some guilt as I am only sending one piece, as all my work went to Belleville, but I think they will understand! I will likely make a quick appearance, but will be spending the bulk of my day at Kollaboration Kingston. This is an amazing starting point with some local artists that I am very excited about. Inspired by an Ontario Crafts Council event I participated in in the Toronto area, my friend and artist, Lindsey Fair, decided to apply for a grant and bring the concept to our community. We totally got it and will spend it very wisely. Big things are going to come from this, I know this for certain. I am at a bit of a turning point with the show hung and this body of work almost feels "done". I am ready to evolve and see where the tide of all this energy take me. Several of the artists I have worked with before and I can feel the momentum. I love that we are all dedicated to our crafts, serious professionals and ready to play. Stay tuned...I'm going to have some great pictures to share after this weekend!
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krex said...

I'm looking forward t pics of your show.....I'm sure it will be successful after all that hard work .

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time to relax
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