Thursday, February 11, 2010

From Inspiration to Interpretation

Above is a work by Hundertwasser

As I was preparing work and sketches for my upcoming show, I was aware that my "grey" work just did not stand out enough on the gallery's grey linen walls. While this upcoming gallery has excellent lighting, I decided some colour was in order! As I made the sculptural pieces, I really liked the playful nature that colour added to the form. One evening, I was looking through some art books, as I often do, and got lost in Hundertwasser. I love his use of vibrant colour and the graphic nature and dark outlines that remind me of paintings I have at home by a local artist (Mark Graham- no relation even though he has the same name as my husband!)

In the piece above, I really liked the form to the left; a spine/tree-like form. I first made a 2d piece in yellow and teal and red. While I like it, I was not "wowed" and it will not be in my show. However......

....this was the next progression, which I do like. It is difficult to see here, but the teal has a dark outline. I incorporated 3d elements. This spine like form, as I felted it looked pleasing horizontal and vertical reminding me of things growing from the ground. I thought of Hunderwassers colour and the simple line drawings of Picasso, where a few sparse lines coming together suddenly appear to be a human figure. I though of cave drawings and primitive landscapes and how we may be faced with a sparse barren "Modern Landscape" given the environment situation (fitting nicely with the theme of my show)...Now.... this. The spine/tree like lines- vertical and horizontal... anomalous colour as in my sculptures. The blocked out edge seemed a natural continuation of the "horizon" and I enjoyed the challenge of laying out in this shape and maintaining that line and clean edge. The dark outline is seen in work by the wonderful, Karoliina Arvillommi, and given her use of vibrant colours, one may make an association with her work, although in this case, the composition all began with Hundertwasser, seeing lines in an other's work and through exploration and playing, finding a new interpretation.

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Anonymous said...

Taking a look again at this piece Andrea and still think it is goood (3 o's). Thought about posting a link to it on the list but not sure if you would welcome that. What is the title?

Anonymous said...

as I pushed the publish button I realized the comment about the link could be interpretated the wrong way. I said it with the best intentions :) making everything clear in a different language is not always easy. or maybe just skip the word 'always'
take care

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Your message is clear, Elis! I agree 100%. :o)

Pam de Groot said...

I absolutely love the work of Hunderwasser. I discovered him a few years a go and was fascinated by his use of colour and line. Gobsmaking his attention to one idea. I think he did about 100 different prints of the same plate. What did you use for the dark outline in the first grey piece?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Hi Pam,
A black lopi yarn applied after the piece is wet out.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Very lovely...really like the last two..their outline and colors. Good luck with the show.

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