Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Back from Pittsburgh and Fiberart International

This image makes me laugh...I totally look like I creeped in behind to be included in the shot, but, truth be told, I asked for this shot with Juror, Washington Textile Museum curator, author, Rebecca Stevens.

My piece as it hung in the exhibit (see my little 'Libertio Captivus'?). The stunning large red piece is by Canadian, Barbara Wisnoski.

Leisa Rich interacting with her fabulous piece "No sense crying over spilled Milk- Altering the course"
Kathy Weaver (above) with her piece, "Damaged Morphology". Truly innovative.

I love this piece by Rebecca A. Siemering..."American Made" made from lottery tickets and dental floss...phenomenal.

The event was so professionally run, of such calibre, I was blown away. Had a great time meeting artists and networking. I received a commission within a couple of hours of arriving and have some promising leads to follow. One of the best things is that I am ready to move on...after seeing a few people flat-out copy some of my work, I recognize it is time to move on creatively to a new body of work. I am going to be doing some redefining, fine tuning and reflecting on the direction of my art career and I am grateful for the timing of this event. I have some work to do for a collaborative installation, I am out of town teaching again the end of the week, and then.....oh, I can't wait.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting all this Andrea. I found it so interesting.

Ginga Squid said...

That is still one of my most favourite works of yours Andrea! And fab photo indeed!

I think with this art game you always have to be developing your ideas to stay ahead of the copy cats. In a way its a good thing to have that 'push'. Your work is always innovative anyway!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Just a bit weird when the copy cat is someone in my circle. Oh, just makes her look bad. I'm movin' on!

time to relax

time to relax
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