Friday, April 23, 2010

Wonderful time in Ottawa area...

The Crew..
"Gaston" is my fan (former dancer, you know)

The group in the living room was the rowdy group!

Part of the kitchen group, hard at work!

Woody thinks he's a lap dog!

Dinner time

Trying out Kay's banjo

Hey all...I'm just home from a really nice 2 days with the West Carleton Fibre Guild. They are such a wonderful group of creative women, full of laugher (and a bit of mischief). I had 15 students for a 2 day felted figure workshop and they made some pretty funny people, as you will see! My host, Kay (and other half, Ray) were wonderful hosts. They have the most charming farm house that is so cozy and inviting. We had a little dinner party, lots of food (lots!), and drink and great conversation. I could not have asked for a better time in Almonte. Thanks all!
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Anonymous said...

Andrea!You must be so proud of your students!! These dolls are FABULOUS!!

Unknown said...

Those are so cute. You truly have a fun job Andrea. Looks like your accommodations were top notch too. How I miss that area of Ontario .. I spent many wonderful weekends near there back when I lived in Ottawa. Fond memories. Thanks for bringing them back to me.

Leedra said...

This makes me envious of a group getting together like this for training. Looks like so much fun and learning.

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time to relax
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