Friday, April 2, 2010

New Bag Sample

With my life, such as it is, I have been having a difficult time the last couple of days getting into the studio. Today, I had no meetings, no people to drive anywhere and nothing else to keep me from getting in there. I opened my window wide to hear the birds singing and was able to complete this sweet little bag sample for my class at NEFS next week (wholy smokes, next week! Yippee) It's no secret that one of my favorite wools is Finnwool and the grey's are so yummy. NEFS is all stocked up on some amazing brights that are great with the grey. So if you want to get your hands on some, give then a call or email before it is gone. I know I will stock up while I am there. This bag is small and very cute. I quite like this shape and will absolutely make another like this one. Tomorrow I will layout 3 new scarves to take with me as I sent all 11 of the others to Toronto! I must tidy up my space now so I am ready for tomorrow! Good-night!

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Pam de Groot said...

I love this bag. The colours and shapes are great.

Dawn Edwards/Felt So Right said...

I'll second that Pam. In fact, I love all of the sample bags that you're taking for your class at NEFS... You'll have some awfully happy students. Have a great time.

Colette said...

I was given a Sunshine Award which I'm meant to pass along to others. Want to know why I chose you?
Check out this post
It would be nice if you pass it forward, but I never meant to make you feel obliged. So just enjoy the award and respond to it or not, in every way you like :)

greetings, Colette

Leedra said...

I love this bag. It makes me think of American Indian, which I love.

dorie said...

Lovely bags indeed. Have still left some finnish wool from an earlier workshop. Should give it a try. Good luck and fun with your classes!

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