Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures, finally!


Sally working hard!

Linnea is good to go!

Ellen working on her layout

Stacy making some prefelt

Natasha asking if she can dip!

Marilyn's piece in progress..

Linnea (happy student!)

Bill (Happy student!)

A departure from the landscapes...from a photo of a horse ear (by Karen)

When Anne added the yarns, this really came to life! She made a quick trip to Webbs to find just the right yarns and ended up using something else in the end!

First. sorry to those waiting to see pictures! I got home and was hit with a whirlwind of errands, household and Mommy duties, bad brakes, and a bunch of info and images to get ready for a magazine feature. My new stash of short fibre merino is calling to me, as is the uncarbonized wool batt that I will use for my collaborative installation that will be due very, very soon. I am heading back out of town early Friday for an event I will blog about next, BUT...I had amazing, wonderful students at New England Felting Supply. I have only one regret that we did not take a proper group shot of everyones landscapes. I will post some here, but, dear students, if I do not post yours it is not because it is not worthy, but I missed the boat! For the bags class we managed to get a group shot, so here we go! My thanks to you ALL

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Unknown said...

What a lucky teacher you are to have had such a creative handbag class. They're great and I just adore a couple of the finished ones. That guy Bill sure has it going on with his landscape. It that a first for him ... he's quite talented. (I know from experience that alot of it comes from a good teacher so take a bow lady ... you still rock!)

Gifelt said...

Che belle foto e che bei lavori! Quante ispirazioni!
saluti dall'Italia

martine said...

fabulous inspirational pictures, thanks for sharing

time to relax

time to relax
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