Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sask-at-cheee-wan! Here I come

HERE is where I am headed...the beautiful Qu'appelle Valley in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. I am so happy I found this image. I thought I was in for a ground hog invasion and lots of wheat fields, but this, well, this I like! (no offence to prairie rodents and farmers)

We will be at a retreat location and I look forward to meeting all of my eager students. We are going to take a couple of days to work on felted landscapes (no need for them to bring inspiration images!) and then a day of felted vessels/resist work fun.

I will have the chance to meet fellow artist, Martha Cole. We are part of a respected fibre group here in Canada (and one UK member) and we have yet to formally meet, so an added bonus. These trips are such an adventure with the chance to meet the people I have only "spoke" with by email and the uncertainty that I feel as we begin: getting to know one another, do we have enough wool?, how will the day be paced.... I then get into my groove and lose myself in the experience and sharing my true passion. I truly am luck to be in the position to share this delicious medium.

Upon my return home, I have a couple of weeks (amidst family end-of-school-year craziness) to complete (and start!) pieces for an installation at the Union Gallery at Queen's University and a quick trip to Montreal to deliver many pieces from my Adaptations show. I can do it! I'll chck back in on the weekend when I have some images to share!

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Unknown said...

Hope you have lovely weather and a great trip. Looking forward to more pics and felted creations.

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time to relax
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