Monday, June 28, 2010

Winding down..yet gearing up!

Yummy, stinky Pellsul locks

Lots 'o c-1 pellsul and several pounds of pure pelsull in the grease. Lucky me! I see bags in my future!

As the school year comes to an end, I am looking forward to days at home and getting things in order. I have made a list of spring-cleaning-type-tasks at have been gnawing at me (you know those cupboards that you have to close real fast?) I am the only one around here that seems to notice and with travel done for the next couple of months, I can tackle things one at a time.

On Wednesday, I will spend the morning at the Union Gallery installing "Prophecy". I will be very excited to see it all hanging. I will post the invitation and images when available! I can then play in the studio, make some bags, do a bit of teaching and hang out with the family. I have a wonderful fleece from the farmer up the road waiting for me and a few other things that have some promise! I will keep you all posted, you know I will. I must say...thanks for "listening", tuning in, and seeing what I have on the go. It means a lot to be able to share. Knowing you are there makes me feel a little "accountable" in my process. Have an awesome day.

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Unknown said...

Those are yummy looking supplies. "In the grease"? Does that mean unwashed?

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Yes, unwashed! It can be difficult to find nice batts "in the grease" as many mills will not put greasy wool through their carders. They are great to work with.

mycuriousteaparty said...

A bag lady...WoW! A whole new career... With soft hands, best you wear your marrigolds for the cleaning...

Now lets get back to that cleaning...


It will always be there, and will always need to be done, a few more days won't make that much difference... Will the family notice... probably not!...And it looks as if you have a lot of creative work that must take priority.

So I hearby give you permission to get on with the important work that needs doing... Felting NOT cleaning.

I love the installation that you have been working on it is such an interesting piece on so many levels, the labels that we are unwittingly given, are they still relevant as we get older, do we still carry them around with us, did they hurt us more that we realised? It has certainly made me think.

I have been quite moved by it, just seeing those little pink frocks pinned to the wall, they look so pretty and yet so so lonely just waiting for approval.

My dad used to say to me.. Julie your such 'clumsy girl' like a bull in a china shop.. I still feel that I might break things in china shops.
He also used to say that I was a 'fat girl', followed by my sister being 'the slim pretty one'... Words that have stayed with me and

I hadn't realised that I have been waiting for his approval for over 50 years...

Time for me to move on.

Thank you.

Congratulations on a wonderful poignant installation, I would truely love to see it at the gallery... It's just a bit of a journey from where I live...

~ Julie

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time to relax
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