Monday, January 3, 2011

...and the pile grows

OMG. I have made thousands (seriously) of little balls of wool the last couple of days and am so glad to have all the fibre organized for my Queen's University Artist-Educator in Residence position (which begins in a couple of weeks). Still lots of equipment and materials to organize, but this was a major part.
I bought a cute little table top ironing board so I don't have to schlep my big one because, you know, I iron sooo much at home. Truth be told, I boycotted ironing non-felt items several years ago which mysteriously coincided with the receipt of an ironing board cover in my Christmas stocking. We have since worn only knit wear and yoga pants. The children are now outcasts, but it's a small price to pay really.
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Unknown said...

I'm with you I only bits for textile art and my work clothes. I only iron those because I have too. the whole world would be a happy place if they only wore yoga pants and t shirts.

artybecca said...

Your line about the children literally made me LOL. I agree... my ironing board is mostly decorative. I iron so infrequently now that it's easier to put a towel on the floor and iron on that rather than set up the ironing board!

wollkisterl said...

I wish you the best for the work with the studends, and much fun.

vilterietje said...

this was the best thing that happened to me: stop ironing! the ironboard is used as a shelf to put my stuff on! love and succes, riet:)

Heather Woollove said...

Andrea--You're so funny!
I knew I had it bad when my (now ex-) husband would say to me, "That won't do at all...take that off and let me iron it."
I haven't ironed for YEARS (except for sewing/felting projects) and my children have lived to tell the tale!

Karen said...

When I was an "Au Pair" in Geneva in 1981, one of my jobs was to do "simple" ironing, which included all of the family's underwear!!!

I wish that you had been Artist in Residence when I was a student in the faculty of education...but I think that you were probably still in high school!

Have a wonderful teaching session!

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