Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working it out...

As I head into my second week of my Artist in Residence, I am sooo grateful that I spent so much time planning for both weeks. I do have some things to prepare and pack, but I am feeling like I have a handle on things. As tired as I was on Friday and as busy as I have been this weekend, counting on working would have been unthinkable.

A bit of an explanation of how this whole thing works. I have been hired by the University who have subsidized workshops for the teacher candidates at the teachers college. The program offers a position every 4 years to a visual artist and alternates performing arts, music, literary arts. So, my students are graduate students from many different areas. When the classes do not fill, limited spots may be offered to the public for a fee. I also have a few special workshops...a couple open to the public, and a larger art group. So, I have some repeat students if they can fit it in their class schedule and some who may not decide to come at all. Between workshops, the studio is open for students to come by and ask questions or work on projects and I am free to work on my own thing (which has mostly been cleaning up and setting up).

The classes are very short for feltmaking so, I have made kits to save fiber selection/amount questions time. I have all equipment pre-cut and ready on each spot along with everything they need. So far, the timing has worked out well and they only tight thing I anticipate for next week is the vessels which is for 20 people in 2 hours. We are working small so I think it will all work out!
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vilterietje said...

20 people in 2 hours: you're a hero! love, riet:)

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time to relax
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