Friday, July 1, 2011


Things I have neglected the last 2 weeks:
My housework
My studio
My art
My Blog (sorry!)

Things I have not neglected:
The boys
The cooking
Being a soccer mom

I am often asked how I "do it all", well...I don't :o). Ahh, yes, it all gets done and I meet deadlines and don't disappoint (I am careful not to over-commit), but there are things that temporarily fall by the wayside just simply out of necessity.
It is Canada Day today. Happy Birthday Canada! We will watch a movie and do family fireworks and hang out. Later this weekend I will take my youngest to see the musical Billy Elliot in Toronto. I cannot wait. Nothing compares to live theatre in a real big city theatre!
Next week I will seriously tidy the studio and get ready to have 2 students traveling here from a bit of a distance to have a semi-private 2 day "PODS" workshop. Looking at the summer schedule, I know it will go by quickly. I will update you!

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Lindy and Paul said...

I can really relate, Andrea! Sometimes we moms only show the "good" side of things, the productive side, but it's tough to keep all of the plates spinning at once. As I get older, I'm much more forgiving of myself for not doing it all well (especially the house!)

Ginny Huber said...

Happy Canda Day, Andrea! Things have to fall by the wayside..I like to be reminded of that..thanks!.things that have fallen by the wayside for me include looking at today I am back, looking at yours and perhaps will look at some of the older ones! Sounds like summer will be packed for you and your soccer playing boys..

vilterietje said...

well, as a working mother you have to keep all the balls in the air. i admire you all:)

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time to relax
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