Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh, Canada. On the horizon for me...

Over the next couple of months I have a few challenges. First and foremost, trying to keep 3 teen/tween boys amused all summer. Additionally, I am finishing work for the show "SEEDS 3" to be sent to Taos, New Mexico and... (sooo exciting-drum roll, trumpets, victory dance, fist pump)

... mulling over ideas for a show of Canadian work to be exhibited in the invitational show "Oh, Canada", curated by Sandra Dupret, to be held at the glorious, above pictured, gallery at Wayne State University in Detroit. This is going to be fun/nerve racking/art craziness that makes me love/wonder why I do what I do!

it feels like I have lots of time, but with some August travel to spend (oh, ya) grant money (merci, OAC!), and amusing afore mentioned young folks, I am passively aware of the days passing.

So much of my "art" occurs within my head. Hours of fleeting ideas, either dismissed outright, or perhaps quickly sketched on a scrap of paper. Some come back time and time again in either waking hours or as I drift in and out of sleep. Logistics of hanging, shipping, colour for the space...time... all being considered and sometimes those difficulties ignored until they must be addressed. Let the games begin.

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time to relax
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