Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When is wisdom a bad thing? When they come in the form of teeth within a jaw with no room for them. The next few days will be spent making jello, smoothies and pudding for (I anticipate) an unhappy, rightfully grumpy teen. I hope he will heal quickly and not be in pain for too long, the big sweetie.

I will likely position him in the room outside the studio and get some work done, which I have come to the point that I am ready to do. There is the ebb and flow of creative energy. I have these jags where I need to percolate and rest and ponder and procrastinate and then I can feel it bubbling up and simmering. I am ready!

p.s. my email is not working. If you need me, send me a message on FB :o)
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vilterietje said...

well, i think these wisdom theeth gave us all a lot of trouble, i hope your eldest will soon get over it. love, riet:)

Tracy said...

I have some photos for you...

time to relax

time to relax
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