Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tonight I will attend the opening of the Kingston Arts Council annual juried arts Salon (I have a piece in). Will be nice to hang with my artist peeps for a spell.

As this week is quickly coming to an end, I find myself preparing for the next. Saturday I will be at a local fair for the Waldorf School just selling some wool felting fibre. I do not retail wool anymore expect at this venue. My children began there as wee ones and it feels like I am connecting to family when I am there. I love seeing familiar faces and also the new families with their sweet babies just discovering the magic of the school and the community. Selling wool is much easier than my former retail of books and heavy wooden toys, so I am pretty relaxed!

The beginning of the week, I will be teaching for 3 days at a public school. Mornings with the grade 4's, afternoons with 7/8's. The school received a grant to bring some artists in and I am looking forward to sharing the magic of feltmaking. The schedule is a bit here and a bit there, and the classes are big, so the pacing is a bit of a shot in the dark, but all I can do is keep them on task and go with the flow! Next week ends with a 2 day web bags class with a repeat offender...I mean student ;o)...which will be fun to continue our time together. Even by web cam, I feel a nice connection to my one-on-one students. With work done in the studio and a rare couple of hours to spare, I think I will put my feet up, pop some popcorn and read a book...or a feltmaking magazine. Thanks for checking in with me and I will update you more soon!

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dogbaker said...

happy mothers day
I hope it is a pleasurable week ahead.

lampworkBLOG said...

can't wait to hear about teaching the kids .. how fun is that ..

x00x mo & the girls

Rachel said...

I am interested in a web-class as I am far far away. I'd like to try a video chat to make sure we can connect smoothly, if you're willing!

time to relax

time to relax
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