Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I have learned...

As suspected, like all traumatic events that have a favourable outcome, I look back and think, "That wasn't so bad". Will I make another raw fleece rug? Likely. Will I remember to keep my mouth closed while fulling and poopy water is airborne? Definitely. Another tip: If your finger hits a particularly sharp bit of veggie matter, resist the reflex to put finger in mouth. A hazmat suit would also be helpful.

Seriously though, I do not want to dissuade you from giving it a try, if I have not already done so! I made one before in a Romney and it took a very long time to felt but this Tunis felted very fast. So...

1. Before going big, do a wee sample. Yes, I know. I used to think sampling was for sissy's but in this case it is just smart.

2. If you have a choice of raw fleece, pick one on the cleaner side that is sheered in a nice sheet with all the cut ends neat.

3.  You can use a base of a different breed wool that you can depend on that is suitable for rugs. If you think it may be a stubborn felter (you will know because of your sample, right?), toss in a layer of mayonnaise merino.

4. Lots 'o layers makes a nice rug with a substantial base.

5. Work outside.

6. Be prepared to get messy, but take your time and have fun. It's the journey, not the destination. I think the blogging was as much work as the rug (see I am forgetting already)...and there is a lovely brown lamb fleece in the garage :o))). You know I will keep you posted.

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Mattie van den Heuvel said...

Dear Andrea, I love you rug! I made one a while ago and I was swearing while doing so! It took me 3 mornings and I had to get changed every time to take the kids to school and pick them up again and I still felt smelly...
But now I have a brilliant rug.

Unknown said...

Dear Andrea
Thanks for the experience you have shared with us. Your rug is very nice and sure very cozy when you step on it.

cedar said...

Like giving birth, making a fleece rug, once over it didn't seem too bad at all...lol
Great photos of the process and what's a little sheep poop between friends when the outcome is so FABULOUS,,
Thanks for posting and inviting all to witness your birth of a rug .lol

Pam de Groot said...

I laughed at the mental picture of your face when the poopy water went flying!! Great rug

Susan Farber said...

Loved experiencing the process (sans smell & mess) through your blog!

Jayne said...

Hi an incredible rug but I'm sorry you lost me with the poopy water running down your legs!! I really am so easily put off. Well done. jayne x

Unknown said...

I love your work :)
Best Luck

fnkykntr said...

Hi Andrea, great to get some inspiration and advice from your blog and to see how you went about working with raw fleece, poo and all! thanks for taking the time to post as well as to make the rug!!

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