Monday, May 21, 2012

Just now...

The review of the raw fleece (local Tunis). This stinky fleece cannot come into the house, so must be felted outside!

Hmm, I appear to have a table issue. Remedy entails moving dye kitchen. This is not going to happen. Guess we are working square!
Ohhh, the lovely Tunis batt that I had washed and carded locally. I only had to wait 4 months and pay a small fortune. I'm thinking "worth it", at this moment!

Layout begins. This is 2 layers where I split the batt and laid out strips. I then decided to move to shingles to make it more uniform. It also fluffs up the fibres a bit more allowing everyone to get friendly. Garage door partly down to protect from the breeze.

4th layer is  layer of natural fine merino. "Why?", you ask? Merino will be my little insurance policy assisting in the wet out. I am putting it in the middle. It's my condiment. Everyone loves a good condiment. Merino is my mayonnaise, if you will.

Another layer of Tunis over the Merino
...and another. That's 6 layers total so far.

A pat down that would make Homeland Security proud.

 Then I took a break for coffee and to create this post. The layout only took about 1.5 hours. Not bad. I can actually layout shingles better, quicker and more evenly than I can split the batt. Much better for me. Okay. I have another hour before I have to hit the shower to get ready to head out with the family for a bit. I would like to be ready to wet out before we go. you know I will keep you posted.

...I'm baaaack. I have determined a raw fleece rug is like childbirth. I must have forgotten the trauma from the last one a few years ago and, in spite of no good reason, decided to do it again. The poop was ridiculous. Just like childbirth also followed by whining, tantrums and more poop.

Laying the raw fleece on top took minutes. Unrolled it, voila! added a silvery circle.

Icelandic detail

Wet out begins
after some felting (rolling)

It is so heavy that I cannot drag it towards me as I roll it up requiring me to climb on the table. My effort to stay poop free in vain.
Oh, so amused. Standing in rivers of sheep shit. Rivulets running down my legs. Nice. 
Progress. Brought to you by the letter "O".

friggin' heavy


My shadow is now very long and my energy short. Time to leave this where it is and pick it up again tomorrow.

I will keep you posted!
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dogbaker said...

fascinating can't wait for the next installment

Unknown said...

Wow.. I kinda hope I'm never so committed to felt-making that 'rivulets of sheep shit' run down my legs.

Thanks for sharing the process with us! Hope you got to take a very long shower after that :)

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Lol...Yes, I actually showered with my clothes on first and Shana, oh, you just wait.

Frannie said...

I love the texture of the rug! But, I'm not sure I could deal with the sheep! I admire your commitment to the art and craft of felting. Thank you very much for posting the process. I have been curious about using raw fleece. One of these days I will probably talk myself into trying it, so it is good to know what's involved. :)

Unknown said...

Great job and sence of humor :) so interesting what you will do next.

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time to relax
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