Saturday, May 26, 2012

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 A simple bag I made yesterday. It's made with C-1 in Caribbean and Turquoise Blue (from New England Felting Supply, as usual). I actually made it on a large teardrop shaped resist, cut out the area between bag and handle, stitched (at prefelt stage) handle around a cotton cord and continued to felt. Worked great. It has a pocket inside and will have a zipper.

 I am looking ahead to the fall and will be starting my scarf production soon. I am having buyers remorse, but it was necessary, as I have just purchased lots of printed silks. Spending hundreds of dollars on materials that can take a while to have a return can be painful! This shows stacks of prefelt that I have cut into scarf lengths ready for layout with silk and more wool.

 Patty: "1. Stop here. 2. Pet me"

 Selecting some silks for this beautiful green. It is so worth it having a good selection.

Patty agrees.

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3 comments: said...

It is funny, every time I see the pictures of Patty I see my own cat Erna. They are twins ;)

Maggie R said...

Hi Andrea,
I saw your things for sale in the Silos at St Jacobs..I was with my fibre art group and we were all ooooing and aaaaawing when we saw them.
Your work is awesome.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

How nice, Maggie! I just recently sent them all those goodies!

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time to relax
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