Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keeping you Posted...

As I have may have mentioned, I will have 5 students in my studio for a bag class this weekend. I have no samples here of the collage bag as they are all at galleries or sold. Decided I would make a small one to show them a design option. I think we will use the same shape, bigger and add a shorter strap. That is the plan, in any case. I will make another sample tomorrow, perhaps. The felting on this little bag was one of the easiest steps, the stitching and zipper can be a bit tricky. I have done it enough times, I have my own system down. I purchase the rings (in this case they happen to be "gate rings") and this particular leather strap on Etsy from these folks but there are lots of other sources on Etsy so have a look. So...now to show you some stuff...

Layout done (resist inside), all silk and embellishments added and ready to felt

midway though felting, showing texture.
Terrible picture (dark) but shows the shrinkage- 40% at least, folks!
Adding rings. deciding on placement.
Yup. That's good.
Pinned in Zipper
Unzip and sew from inside.
Zipper in.
Added optional zipper pull. Funky bead and silk ribbon.
Done! It is a little bag, so the sewing was fiddly.
...and the reverse!

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wollkisterl said...

Wow! I have not the right words for your wonderful bag.
A good new year

natalia said...

Wonderful your bag! I adore to sew bags and felting bags.

time to relax

time to relax
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