Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Andrea's Epic Felting Adventure....

Yesterday was spent doing some research. I found a real art supply store downtown (received a note on my windshield from the City of Santa Cruz) and made my way back to get to work

the first sketch was inspired by this image looking up a the house from the lake, I believe. 

inspiration from a  river in Idaho near the site

After completing 3 sketches, I sent them off to my client to see if there was anything that struck him...

He liked them all! This is great news and not so great news because I am not the one step closer that I had hoped to be today and spend all day in the studio designing. He will be sending me more images and getting the design team in touch. This could mean too many opinions, but I shall see.

In the meantime the days of the calendar turn and I need to get a dent in this in the next 10 days before I leave town again! I will get some other work done...correspondence, tax paperwork,  and perhaps my grant report that I would much rather procrastinate on!

Actual physical hours to date: 9

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time to relax

time to relax
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