Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cruising along with (controlled) abandon!

Remaining positive and taking time to ruminate in between the hours of working (including felt-dreams) is very productive. I wait for no one..nor does my felt... so, I made the executive decision to forge forward in the felt making and not wait for the sander. Time is precious and my schedule is demanding in all ways. I really do dislike the sander for many reasons and am trusting my own customary process. That said, what lay before me this morning was a very cold, very wet mess. I was pleased that all 35 quarts of water I worked in to layout was still in the wool, puddled nicely between each fibre, I imagined.

 With the thin plastic I covered it with still in place, I rolled up the layout as tightly as I could using only my 2 hands and the roll of foam pipe insulation in lieu of to ubiquitous felting tool, the pool noodle. I tied with 5 pantyhose legs (their only sensible use) as quickly and tightly as possible.
I was very pleased there was no tsunami.

I rolled for 10 minutes or so before the roll seemed to be loosening. I unrolled and rerolled from the other side. At this point, all surfaces were wet and it was slip and slide city. It was difficult to grip the roll that I estimate to be about 65 lbs on a wet floor. Rolling in the towel helped, but I was on the slippery floor too so knelt on a towel for several more brief sets with frequent unrolling

 Mopping up excess water frequently with sponges...

 Heavy, heavy...quick picture so water would not drain from high spots!

 between sets, mesh back in place...checking to be sure all areas wet and soapy.

 Rolling without the plastic...a little easier to roll it tightly and now a bit less fragile...

 Cry me a river... my reason for the double drop sheet.

The time passed very quickly in the studio before I had to run out to meet a client...
I'm itching to get back!! 

Physical Hours today: 2
Tally: 28.5

I'll keep you posted!


Fátima N Carvalho said...

Andrea, you are an inspiration!

Yvette said...

Sweet memories ..

time to relax

time to relax
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