Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Off to the Races!

...and I'm off

The morning light in the studio is the best, so hesitantly I cancelled power yoga this morning. My car needed to go in the shop.. I had some things to juggle and I was so excited to begin working today, it was all I could think about from the moment I woke up. Yoga will wait until the afternoon...

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I needed to isolate the middle section of my compositions. I folded it back and began working from there.

 I know the color does not initially make sense...I need to layout the area behind the stones. If I put grey stones on grey back ground there is no "shadow". I don't use black...too harsh and unnatural. Here I am using dark blue, brown and green...The rock will extend beyond the dark area, but I can fill in the shadows from there. its much easier to add more shadow around rocks than cover the dark felt to correct an area too large.

My friend came by and took these...nice to have some of me working since I work alone!

incidentally, I thought I was the only one in the building today so had my music on...It was suggested when I left today by another artist that "I consider headphones"...whoops. ("sorry", said the Canadian!)

cautious adding too many other fibre details near the edge, as I anticipate I may need to cut around the perimeter to the exact size I need. Don't want a bunch of things ending abruptly at the seam as it will be more difficult to conceal. For this reason I am keeping the perimeter one color to easily match the next panel. I will also take a picture of all the dry fibre layed out and make copious notes as once it is wet felted it looks very different!

calling it a day...(I always end with an obsessively tidy space)

I spent all day squatting today so did a little "Malasana" and the occasional "Rag Doll" and hamstring stretches while laying out the wool to incorporate my yoga. The day ended when I noted my legs were shaking. Workout complete! Today I crossed the finish line. Feeling accomplished...Giddy up!

Physical hours today: 5 
So far: 14

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Susan Farber said...

So happy to see pics of your latest creation/adventure! What an undertaking - I can't imagine how you will be felting the piece(s) so I will wait and watch in anticipation. Wonderful to see you so happy. Miss seeing your smiling face in person though!

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time to relax
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